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Are you curious?

Do you thrive on challenges?

Are you a visual learner?

Like doodling?

Do you need the Big Picture before getting into action?

Do you use stories and diagrams to express yourself?

Then you’re in the right place – we know how you think.

CereCore® Institute believes that

“Thinking differently is no mistake or accident. Our world is built on the strength of diversity. Diverse thinking approaches are an integral part of the power of our creativity. By opening yourself to how you think and adopting simple strategies for aligning your approach with your neural pathways, you have the means to transform your life.”

from Thinking Differently by Jan Thomas

Tap into your core thinking potential

Using the CereCore® System, you leverage the power of your nonlinear thinking talents for:


Understand how you think and the implications.


Use brain-based strategies that work for the way you think.


Go from survive to thrive – learn to get what you need.

“CereCore® Institute’s coaching approach and strategies gave me the key insights into how I think, why thinking impacts my life and what strategies are essential for me to make positive and lasting change. A truly transformational experience!”Attorney

Let the power of your thinking work for you

We know you think differently and we use that knowledge to help you.

Knowledge Is Power.

Knowledge is power. Understand your nonlinear thinking.

Find out what other nonlinear thinkers are doing through Our Community.

Knowledge Is Power.
Knowledge Is Power.

Different strategies for different folks. Use our innovative flexible FLEX strategies with confidence in a variety of applications to improve your effectiveness.

Thinking Differently: How to Thrive Using Your Nonlinear Creative Thinking by our founder Jan Thomas

This book is a groundbreaking guide for what it takes for nonlinear thinkers to thrive and excel in today’s world.

Central to this book is that how you think affects your behavior and much of everything you do. Knowing how you think as a nonlinear thinker can transform your personal and professional life.

Little is written specifically for the practical needs of nonlinear thinkers. Thinking Differently enables you to navigate your environment with confidence and shows how to self-advocate for what you need to transform how you live, work, and lead. You will discover what works best for you and most importantly, why.

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Coaching You Can TrustCoaching You Can Trust

Coaching you can trust

We know how you think. CereCore® Institute specializes in nonlinear thinking processes for our unique clients. Using our 25+ years of experience and findings from neuroscience we have developed proprietary methods, tools and strategies for practical application by nonlinear thinkers.

We know our clients think differently so we coach differently using our Insight Coaching Program.

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