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About Us

Jan Thomas – co-founder and CEO, creator of the CereCore® System and pioneer in the field of cognitive thinking. Jan researched and created the Thomas Indicator Profile® (TIP) – the cognitive assessment at the heart of the CereCore® System. She has consulted with national and international companies from entrepreneurial to Fortune 100 for over 20 years, assisting them to apply cognitive thinking processes for increasing professional effectiveness, career management, team development and leadership development.

Jan directs the Institute’s R&D in thinking processes, innovation, practical cognitive strategies and learning methodologies. She speaks and writes regularly and is currently writing a book about the strengths of associational thinking.

BJ Hudgins – co-founder and Director of Programs. BJ has more than 17 years of corporate experience, holding senior level positions in organizational development, human resource management and risk management in companies from start-up to Fortune 500. She has assisted leaders, teams and organizations engaged in change initiatives, professional development, mergers and acquisitions, and individuals involved in career transition.

BJ uses her business knowledge and her understanding of group dynamics and adult learning in the design and delivery of the Institute’s programs for certification, professional development and team development.

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