CereCore® Institute

The mission of CereCore® Institute is to leverage the nonlinear associational thinking strengths of leaders, teams and individuals by providing knowledge, insights, and brain based FLEX strategies that develop their nonlinear associational thinking capacity.

What started as pioneering research that educated people to more deliberately use their thinking processes evolved to the understanding that the unique perspectives and solutions which emerge from nonlinear associational thinking are the cornerstones of cutting-edge organizations. To bring this knowledge and insight to organizations and professionals, the Institute was founded in 2004 by Jan Thomas, MA, and BJ Hudgins, MA.

At the core of the Institute’s programs is the CereCore® System – developed in response to the business demand for a systemic approach to identifying and applying nonlinear associational thinking to the multiple and shifting challenges of the marketplace.

We help organizations create a culture that promotes innovation and leading edge results.  We provide access to a community of nonlinear associational thinkers to further leverage the power for constructive, sustainable change. We certify professionals to use our CereCore® System in their practice or within their organizations.

- Putting Thinking into Action -