Associational Thinking Center:

Associational Thinking

AT's Are in Demand

If you think "differently" from other people, then you might have untapped talent needed to make a difference today.

Are you creative in the ways you put things together such as projects, photos, words, ideas, and businesses? Do you thrive on solving problems with no problem being too big? Do you think visually, often using a whiteboard or computer? Then you have associational thinking strengths that you may not have even realized. And it’s these strengths that are in demand today with the world being so visual and complex.

AT's can apply innate talents to identify trends, create alliances, develop computer models, network and plan strategically. These talents are needed in technology, science, health, education, and business – from marketing, research, communications, product design, multimedia presentation and business positioning. Leverage your innate AT strengths to bring new perspectives to the forefront and initiate ideas.

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