Nonlinear Thinking at Work

DesignNonlinear Thinking at Work

Furniture that mimics nature

Award winning furniture designer Robert van Embricqs is curious about plants, bone structure and movement which inspire creations that mimic nature. His furniture is designed from a single piece of bamboo and rises to a piece that combines functionality and aesthetics. His “rising chair” resembles an unfolding blossom.

HistoryNonlinear Thinking at Work

NL Tale – Warp drive

This tale of what inspired Wilbur Wright’s discovery that would get an airplane off the ground is a perfect example of the leaps that are made through associative nonlinear thinking. He linked information about the characteristics of a common unrelated item - that we now often find on our doorstep - with the answer to controlled flight.

InnovationNonlinear Thinking at Work

Nonlinear thinkers are in demand

Clients often ask, “I have these strengths but how can I best use them in my career?” This is a good question. Managing a career in our turbulent times can be challenging as many of you may know. These turbulent times with increased complexity, uncertainty and rapid change demand a different kind of mind. Fortunately, nonlinear thinkers (NLs) are uniquely equipped to thrive in these conditions.