CereCore® System:

Case Studies

Components of the CereCore® System

The CereCore® System brings an emphatically different knowledge of thinking strengths and methodology for creating a culture in an organization where its intellectual assets grow and thrive. Creativity and productivity go hand in hand and can achieve remarkable results when a systemic approach is applied.

The heart of the System is the Thomas Indicator Profile® a cognitive assessment that provides the foundational knowledge, methodologies and tools. The System has three broadly defined stages - clarification, focus and action. A built-in rapid integration methodology accelerates each stage and builds on thinking strengths.

The result is increasing confidence and higher performance by the participants over a wide range of functions. The whole approach links this expert system with participants’ intellectual assets to focus on achieving real world results that can be measured.

The CereCore® System is accessible to organizations and individuals through consulting and coaching services. Certification in the CereCore® System is available for consultants, coaches, counselors, educators, human resource professionals and OD practitioners.

“The CereCore® System Reports on Foundation, Leader and Career provided me with the richest learning experience that I can recall. I have found the breadth and sophistication of the reports, coupled with the customized personal strategies in each to be extremely valuable for the clients of consultants, coaches and human resource professionals.” Russ Taylor, Principal, Widmark, LLC

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