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Rethinking How We Think
What did a box in the Wright brothers’ bicycle shop have to do with developing a workable airplane? Using his nonlinear associational thinking capacity, Wilbur connected seemingly unrelated concepts that led to warping their plane’s wings for controlled flight. Nonlinear associational thinking approaches are used today to understand and solve complex problems and achieve sustainable results. >> Download Full Article

The Time of Your Life: Making time work for you
Emotional energy can exert extraordinary influence over your productivity and the joy you find in your work. By combining the knowledge of your personal thinking strengths with visual tools and your use of emotional time, you can put yourself on a different time path. >> Download Full Article

Want Different Results? Stop Fixing and Start Designing
Today’s leaders can stop fixing the past and start designing for the future using the process of design thinking - envisioning the future and designing the organizations, processes, and products that will lead a company into manifesting that future. Here are eight attributes of design thinking and four keys to design leadership to survive and thrive in times of uncertainty and challenge. >> Download Full Article

Can Innovation Be Learned?
Organizations that continually innovate will be the ones to survive and thrive provided everyone is involved in the innovation thought process. >> Download Full Article

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