CereCore ® System
Components of the CereCore ® System

Case Studies

Three human resources departments operating in silos in a Fortune 500 company needing to integrate their processes and staff to create a new organizational model for an HR department. The goal was to achieve a high performance work system in an environment of increasing ambiguity and complexity. Previous approaches had not produced the desired results.

The Process
The combined team used elements of the CereCore® System - information from their individual Thomas Indicator Profile® reports, their team profile matrix, and visual tools to create innovative work processes. Using a bottom up approach they designed:
  • An operational structure that allowed the team to "flow to the work" efficiently and effectively.
  • Group norms and guidelines based on the thinking approaches of the team improved communications and minimized conflict.
  • A decision making matrix moving most decisions from senior HR management to subteams (including annual salary planning for the team).
  • A different 360 feedback process for the team that was geared to maximize their individual and collective strengths
  • A self directed team with fewer members, operating with increased confidence and effectiveness.
  • A flatter organization providing team members with a broader range of experiences that increased the value of their individual and collective portfolios.
  • Achieved the positive results desired by the team and HR management.
- Putting Thinking into Action -