Cere®Core System - Expert Model Certification

Do you want to offer your associational thinking clients tools to inspire them, strategies to motivate them and methodologies to support them?  Yet you prefer not to take the full CereCore® System certification training at this time?  The Expert Model was designed for you - it offers both your clients and you the power of the Thomas Indicator Profile® (TIP) and the advantages of the Institute’s expertise.

TIP provides your clients an objective view of their strengths and challenges by revealing their unique ways of thinking, learning and processing information. You receive information that you can rapidly access for immediate integration into your work with your clients. A senior staff consultant delivers the TIP report to your client. You receive a copy of the client’s TIP report and an Executive Summary to use in integrating the information and strategies into your ongoing work with them.

Three Expert Model modules
  • Expert Model Foundation:  Use the TIP Foundation Report with teams or groups for improved performance and with your individual clients for increased self understanding.
  • Expert Model Leader: Use the TIP Leader Report and strategies with your clients who are leaders and managers for leadership development.
  • Expert Model Foundation - ADD Focus: Use the TIP Foundation Report and ADD strategies for your adult clients with ADD for increased effectiveness with less trial and error than they’ve experienced in the past.
What you’ll learn
  • An overview of associational thinking.
  • The background of TIP.
  • The overview of the results of the relevant TIP Report.
  • Ways TIP has been used with teams, leaders, and individuals.
  • How to use the customized strategies with your clients to their advantage.
What's included in the Expert Model certification
  1. A sample TIP Report relevant to the Expert Model module.
  2. A sample Consultants Report relevant to the Expert Model module.
  3. A sample Executive Summary of the TIP information.
  4. Training - ½ day certification workshop that combines theory, methodology and strategies
  5. Expert Model training manual which includes the collaborative Expert Model process, features and benefits of TIP, and FAQ’s about using TIP with teams and individuals.
Requirements for Expert Model certification
  • Seasoned professional with either three years experience in your own practice as a coach, consultant or counselor or five years experience in HR or OD within an organization.
  • An interview with a CereCore® Institute senior consultant prior to enrollment.
  • Completion of the ½ day certification workshop.

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“Like most people, entrepreneurs were not born with a set of ‘operating instructions’! The Thomas Indicator Profile® is the next best thing; it gives me and my clients valuable insights so that we can begin to work effectively immediately to design a sustainable business model that perfectly matches their work habits and tendencies.” Lenora Edwards, Business Development Consultant

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