Cere®Core System - Fast Track Certification

For consultants who are on the fast track for certification in the CereCore® System, we offer the combination of the Foundation certification and either the Leader certification or Career certification.

Through this 3 ½ day workshop, you receive two certifications in a shorter period of time than taking the certification trainings separately. Following your certification, you’re ready to use the Foundation Report with teams or individuals and the advanced report with either clients who are leaders (Leader Report) or with clients in career transition (Career Report).

The Foundation certification sets the stage for you to offer your clients unparalleled service with tools to inspire them, strategies to motivate them and methodologies to support them as they engage in transforming their experience of work. >> Details on Foundation certification

With the Career certification you bring clarity, confidence and purpose to an area in your clients’ lives frequently filled with confusion, doubt, and anxiety - career identification and/or transition. You receive tools that give your clients objective, highly accurate insights into how they think, what strengths they bring, and which environments cause them to thrive or falter. With this information and the proven strategies to put it into action, your clients are able to create the work environment that best suits their nature and feeds their dreams. >> Details on Career certification

The Leader certification gives you the tools to bring new focus, creativity and practical strategies into your work with clients who are leaders. Leadership is fundamentally an inside-out process. So in the CereCore® System, the emphasis is not on teaching how to lead, but rather on showing how to be authentic. The truth is, those who are the most successful leaders are the ones who recognize and leverage their own strengths as well as those of the people they lead. >> Details on Leader certification

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