Cere®Core System - Foundation Certification

The Foundation certification sets the stage for you to offer your clients tools to inspire them, flexible FLEX strategies to motivate them and methodologies to support them as they engage in transforming their experience of work.

Benefits to your client
  • An objective view of their strengths and challenges in a positive way.
  • Information about their unique ways of thinking, learning, time approach, communication, stressors and ways of making decisions so they learn to advocate for their needs while positioning themselves in supportive environments.
  • Customized brain based FLEX strategies for specific behavior change.
What you’ll learn
Gain personal insight and confidence as you learn to:
  • Administer our cognitive assessment, the Thomas Indicator Profile® (TIP), and interpret and deliver the results of TIP
  • Develop customized strategies for each client for behavior changes
  • Help your clients create professional development plans
  • Assemble high-performance teams
What's included in the Foundation Certification
  1. Your own TIP Foundation Report
  2. Interactive Training – 2 day certification workshop that combines theory, methodology and practice with our proven delivery techniques.
  3. Mentoring by a senior consultant while you work with two practice clients to complete your certification.
  4. Consultant Action Plan Package - Includes: a TIP Foundation PowerPoint workshop, service-delivery templates, case studies.
  5. Client kit with a Starter Package of 3 DVDs of the TIP cognitive assessment.
  6. Three (3) free TIP Foundation Reports.
Requirements for Foundation Certification
  • Seasoned professional with either three years experience in your own practice as a coach, consultant, or counselor or five years in HR, OD, or education.
  • An interview with a CereCore® Institute senior consultant prior to enrollment.
  • Completion of the 2 day Foundation Certification workshop.
  • Completion of 2 practice client sessions after completing the certification workshop.
  • Completion of a written summary and self-evaluation of your integration of the theories, strategies and rapid-learning methodologies of the CereCore® System.

Contact us for details on certification training.

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