Coaching Services

Leverage your thinking for greater results
Our coaching programs provide insights into your unique way of thinking and meet a range of needs that include:
  • Leadership development– strengthens your leadership effectiveness
  • Personal development - increases your personal effectiveness and professional performance
  • Career management - identifies and helps you manage your best career in an environment that maximizes your thinking strengths
For nonlinear associational thinkers
Our programs help you gain insights into your unique thinking approaches and how to leverage your nonlinear associational thinking for greater effectiveness in your professional and personal life.

For ADHD challenges
Our programs help you understand how your thinking approaches are the basis for your behaviors including your ADHD behaviors.  You learn proven strategies customized to work with your specific ADHD behaviors to achieve your goals for organization and effectiveness in your personal and professional life.

For college students
Our College Student Program provides direction and minimizes "trial and error" that often accompanies determining a major to prepare for a career.  We identify viable career paths matched to your thinking profile.  You have information about your learning style and the environment which best supports your thinking as well as direction for planning, for courses of study, and for identifying colleges for undergraduate or graduate work.

What you receive
Our coaching services include:
  • Our proprietary cognitive Thomas Indicator Profile® (TIP) assessment
  • Your own in depth cognitive TIP report specific to the coaching program
  • Your Personal Strategic Plan outlining how to use the new learning and understanding of your thinking profile in a real world context
  • Your Strategy Portfolio with customized FLEX strategies that map to your nonlinear associational strengths and mitigate your challenge areas

Contact us to explore how our coaching programs can help you achieve your full potential.

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