“Knowing what you think is important. Knowing HOW you think can set you free.”Jan Thomas

Resources for Nonlinear Thinkers

Simply put, CereCore® Institute specializes in resources for Nonlinear Thinkers (NLs). We provide proprietary methods, tools and strategies designed to work with nonlinear thinking. Our coaching programs are geared to the way NLs think. We offer certification in the CereCore® System.

Coaching with a Difference

At CereCore® Institute our focus is nonlinear thinkers. Through our work we know nonlinear thinkers are distinctly different in these four ways: their approach to life, what motives them, their style of communication and how they perceive time. We focus on these distinctions setting us apart from other coaching programs.

Our CereCore® System’s integrated coaching approach creates a rich experience for learning, growth and alignment of your nonlinear talents for your personal and professional life.

We start by understanding your nonlinear thinking profile, and how it impacts your behavior and decisions. We combine the new perspective with brain-based strategies that work the way your mind works. We put all of this into a real-world context for application.

Our Insight Coaching Program has been developed specifically to amplify clients’ nonlinear strengths, to reframe their approach and access their own personal dynamics and values.

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FLEX Strategies – Designed with a Difference

Our ‘FLEX’ strategies are just that – flexible. They are guidelines intentionally designed to work with your mind. With FLEX strategies you have what you need to apply your nonlinear intelligence in a practical way both personally and at work.

FLEX strategies are different from conventional prescriptive step-by-step strategies. They are not incremental. They are not rule-based. They don’t require memorization of a lot of details. FLEX strategies are driven by YOUR curiosity, interests and passion – you’re in charge of how you use them.

FLEX strategies put you in the driver’s seat

Our FLEX strategies are based on the latest neuroscience in how the nonlinear thinker’s mind works – they work with your natural tendencies. This is because they:

Nonlinear thinking

Are nonlinear – you’re not tied to a lot of lists

Nonlinear thinking

Are deceivingly simple – they work the first time

Nonlinear thinking

Allow for creativity – you use them your way

Visual FLEX Strategies – Maps of the Mind

Our visual FLEX strategies provide a visual framework for managing your tasks, projects and resources organically using nonlinear logic. You have a circular structure that corrals all your thoughts, connections and ideas. Instead of using columns, lists, and instructions, with visual FLEX strategies you have the big picture on one page. You determine the application.

In getting started on a new project, do you ever procrastinate because you’re not sure where to start ? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the scope?

Use the Balloon Map to prioritize the NL way

This visual framework lets you set priorities on a large project quickly and organically so you can see where to begin. Get into action painlessly without feeling overwhelmed.

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Verbal FLEX Strategies – Communication Power Tools

Not all FLEX strategies are visual. We know NLs often struggle to convey their thoughts when talking with others. Our verbal strategies provide a verbal framework for using words and adjustments in communication style. They power up your verbal communications.

Just like their visual cousins, they are: easy to learn and integrate; customizable to fit your preferences; and adaptable to personal or professional situations.

Ever been excited when describing a project to someone only to be met by curious looks? Are you frequently interrupted by questions when explaining something?

Use the Preamble to frame the context of your thoughts

This verbal framework lets you put your thoughts into a context at the beginning of a conversation so the listener knows the focus of the discussion. Remember, not everyone can read your mind.

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Rapid Change Requires Rapid Thinking

“Current problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

It’s been estimated that 2 trillion pieces of critical information are created each year - everything from photographs to songs, formal documents to email. It’s also estimated that in the US, knowledge workers spend 30% of their time looking for this important information.


Make Time Work for You

Where does time go when we lose track of it? You know, when we sit down “for a couple of minutes” and get so absorbed that when we glance up, an hour - or more - has passed without our noticing? And who puts on the brakes when time drags in the face of a mountain of postponed paperwork? The minutes don’t speed up or slow down, but we get the feeling they do.

Certification to Use the CereCore® System in Professional Coaching

If you’re a professional coach or consultant looking for tools to leverage your client’s nonlinear thinking for performance improvement, contact us about certification in the CereCore® System.

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