Our Mission

Make gray matter matter for nonlinear thinkers

Our Values

At CereCore® Institute our values are reflected in the work we do, the respect we have for our clients’ unique thinking and our openness in sharing our experience and expertise. We have intellectual curiosity ourselves and a passion for knowledge, education and learning.

Our work is based in neuroscience, a field we’re genuinely curious about as it helps our clients understand their nonlinear thinking processes. Using a mantra of the Institute – make the complex simple – we make the complex understanding of neuroscience easy for our clients to integrate into their lives.

We use thoughtful methods to build trust and rapport with clients. We know and respect them enough to listen. This helps us anticipate their needs and offer creative solutions so our clients can live more fulfilling and happy lives.


Our History

Based on the earlier pioneering work of CEO Jan Thomas, CereCore® Institute was founded in 2004 by Jan Thomas and BJ Hudgins. The purpose of the Institute is to expand the power of nonlinear thinking. The Institute achieves this by providing knowledge, brain-based strategies and solutions to nonlinear thinkers for their greater success and effectiveness.


How We Work

At CereCore® Institute we make gray matter matter for nonlinear thinkers. We respect each person’s thinking processes and the power that derives from being yourself. We use an integrated approach that creates a rich experience for learning and applying nonlinear thinking approaches for personal and professional results.

Working collaboratively with clients, we use another mantra – clarity, focus, action. We listen to the client’s needs. Then using our proven methods, integrated tools and brain-based strategies we create a coaching program that is clear and direct. Our visual experiential system engages the client’s intellectual knowing and their emotional understanding and commitment. They gain clarity about their thinking processes and the focus of their goals. Together we craft a plan of action that helps them self-advocate and reach their goals within a short timeframe.

Often nonlinear thinkers believe they’re the only ones thinking differently. This site offers nonlinear thinkers a gathering place to create community and a way to see how to use innovative FLEX strategies described by Jan Thomas in her book Thinking Differently: How to Thrive Using Your Nonlinear Creative Thinking.

Jan Thomas

Jan Thomas is the creator of the Thomas Indicator Profile® and the Insight Change Model℠. As an educator, consultant and executive coach she has worked nationally and internationally on the transformative power and practical application of nonlinear intelligence. Her work has ranged from entrepreneurs building their businesses and teams to Fortune 500 executives striving to improve the effectiveness of their organizations’ intellectual assets. Her book Thinking Differently is a groundbreaking guide for what it takes for nonlinear thinkers to thrive and excel in today’s world.

BJ Hudgins

BJ Hudgins, Director of Programs, is an executive coach, specialized program developer and workshop leader. Her corporate background includes senior level positions in organizational development, human resource management and risk management in companies from startup to Fortune 500. At the Institute and in her corporate career, she has worked with individuals, teams and leaders to achieve greater personal and professional effectiveness and increased organizational performance.