Cere®Core System - Leader Intensive Certification

With the Leader certification in the Thomas Indicator Profile® (TIP), you’ll have tools to bring new focus, creativity, and practical strategies to your work with your leader clients who are nonlinear associational thinkers. In the CereCore® System, the emphasis is on showing how to be authentic rather than teaching how to lead. The truth is, the most successful leaders are the ones who recognize and leverage their own strengths as well as those of the people they lead.

Benefits to your client
  • Knowledge of their leadership strengths
  • Insights into how their thinking processes impact their leadership effectiveness
  • Customized brain based FLEX strategies for the 4 critical areas of: communications, decision-making, project management, and self-advocacy
What you'll learn
  • Leadership styles and the critical importance of authentic leadership
  • To interpret and deliver the results of the TIP Leader Report
  • How your clients can access their power as a leader by going to the heart of the issue
  • Tools to help your clients develop effective personal and professional strategic plans
What’s included in the Leader Certification
  1. Your own TIP Leader Report.
  2. Interactive Training - 1 ½ day intensive certification workshop that builds on the theory, methodology and FLEX strategies learned in the Foundation certification training; practice with our proven delivery techniques.
  3. Mentoring by a senior consultant while you work with two practice clients to complete your certification.
  4. Takeaways - A TIP PowerPoint workshop; service-delivery templates; additional case study.
Requirements for Leader Certification
  • Seasoned professional with either three years experience in your own practice as a coach, consultant, or counselor or five years in HR, OD, or education.
  • Foundation Certification in the CereCore® System.
  • An interview with a CereCore® Institute senior consultant prior to enrollment.
  • Completion of the 1 ½ day Leader Intensive Certification workshop.
  • Completion of 2 practice client sessions after completing the certification workshop.
  • Completion of a written summary and self-evaluation of your integration of the theories, strategies and rapid-learning methodologies of the CereCore® System.

Contact us for details on certification training.

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