Give Your Clients the Tools for Transformation

Are you a professional coach or consultant seeking to broaden the scope of your services? Are you an educator working with students trying to identify career paths and plan for college? We offer training that leads to certification in the CereCore® System and the application of cognitive insights to your own practice. Through our proprietary system you:

  • Rethink your consulting and coaching in ways to apply "thinking" for performance improvement
  • Review, explore, and evaluate at - an in depth level - the needs of your clients so they make faster progress

Certification – your way

The Institute provides four levels of certification in the CereCore® System comprised of our proprietary cognitive assessment (the Thomas Indicator Profile®), client reports, brain based FLEX strategies, and nonliner associational thinking concepts. You can take individual modules or the Fast Track. We also offer a specialized certification for those with adult clients who are nonlinear associational thinkers with ADD or ADHD challenges. And we offer our collaborative Expert Model™ if you want to incorporate the power of our cognitive assessment into your practice without the full certification process.

Individual modules:
  1. Foundation – for teams and self understanding >> details
  2. Leader – for leaders, business owners and managers >> details
  3. Career – for career identification, transitioning, and strategizing >> details
  4. Master – the fourth level, incorporates Foundation, Leader and Career, and adds a component of advanced mentoring.

Fast Track - For the professional who wants to integrate the Foundation certification with the more advanced Leader or Career application, this accelerated approach allows you to work on two certifications at the same time. >> details

Foundation ADD Focus - For the professional with a client base of adults who are nonlinear associational thinkers with ADD or ADHD, this certification focuses on 10 common ADD behaviors and the benefits of the application of our brain based FLEX strategies to increase performance. >> details

Expert Model - For the professional who wants to work collaboratively with the Institute to bring the power and expertise of our assessment-based services to your clients rather than take the full certification in the specific individual module. >> details

Contact us to learn more about the process of certification in the CereCore® System.


“The CereCore® System certification is thorough, exciting and interactive. I left with all the materials needed and the capability of transferring the learning confidently and easily. An excellent training program.” R. L. Caldwell, Consultant

“The Thomas Indicator Profile® (TIP) is a multi-dimensional tool which stimulates growth in individuals, teams and organizations. TIP is not just a set of descriptors but a practical tool with a wide range of applications and a depth of useful personal information for each client’s needs.” Dee Dee Curran, Education Consultant

- Putting Thinking into Action -