Furniture that mimics nature

Award winning furniture designer Robert van Embricqs is curious about plants, bone structure and movement which inspire creations that mimic nature. His furniture is designed from a single piece of bamboo and rises to a piece that combines functionality and aesthetics. His “rising chair” resembles an unfolding blossom.

A characteristic of nonlinear thinkers is their ability to take seeming disparate information and arrive at new solutions as demonstrated by this renowned furniture designer. He uses his curiosity and passion for findings in nature to create furniture that suggests a more organic flowing form. What starts as a flat piece of bamboo rises to the shape of a chair or table and has the aesthetics of a piece of art.

Robert’s desire is to combine functionality with art. One look at his work and you know this is a talented visual-spatial thinker whose three-dimensional thinking serves him as both a craftsman and an artist.  His designs can be deceiving because there is a level of complexity that makes the finished product seem simply elegant. How do you combine art and functionality or science?