Joy comes in the creative moment

One of the fun aspects of being a nonlinear thinker is seeing the world in a different way especially when being creative in the moment. Have you ever been engaged in a creative activity and suddenly realize you’re not in charge of the process?

This happens to creatives who enjoy the experience of that moment when they let go and let their creativity/art speak and follow it for a creation that is often better than they had imagined. The “take over” can happen to the nonlinear gardener or home improver. It can come in the way a parent plays with their child or how the blogger creates with words. Dancers allow the music to lead them rather than follow the choreographed steps for the dance routine. Furniture designers work with the shape and form of the wood – following the grain and patterns to reveal; what the wood wants to reveal. Musicians bring different interpretations to a piece of music; often giving new life to a beloved “standard” and reaching a wider audience.

Nonlinear thinkers are naturally curious and are excited about the unknown. So when their creative process takes over they’re content to be guided. In this photo we are behind the scenes of a rap music video. A little orange smoke, a few poses and the rapper and photographer are in the flow of the moment for some still shoots.

When nonlinear thinkers are caught up in the joy of being creative in the moment, they are energized and inspired. How did you experience your most recent creative pursuit?