Mind puzzles can be found anywhere

Nonlinear thinkers like to solve puzzles for fun. The more challenging it is the better, even if you have to go halfway around the world to New Zealand and stand in cold water for hours. Jordan loves to fly fish. He grew up fishing with his grandfather in upstate New York. Seasoned anglers know that one of the most challenging fishing places is the Greenstone River on the South Island of New Zealand.

In his first coaching session at CereCore® Institute, Jordan described how as a student he promised himself that when he graduated from college he would take a fishing trip to, where else, the Greenstone River. He was full of anticipation as he left the tackle store and headed up the river alone. Would he be successful and catch a fish? Could he solve the puzzle of the river and figure out where the fish were that day? Wading into the water, he was instantly immersed in a constantly shifting world. He observed subtle changes in the speed and depth of the water, contours of the eddies, intensity of sunlight and shade, and texture of the river bottom. Jordan frequently adjusted his position and choice of flies based on these conditions. It was an ongoing challenge taking all his attention for six hours. It was not until telling the tale later that he realized it had felt like just a short time until he successfully hooked the fish.

“I managed to think through all the variables and to figure out the key things I needed to do. I changed my techniques as the situation changed and came up with solutions. What seemed a big complex problem was fun to solve. There was no guide, no one to tell me which fly to use, which texture of river to fish. That trip was so rewarding because I proved to myself that I could figure it out.”