Too many words = Too little interest

NLs need text that engages their imagination, creates an emotional connection and holds their interest. Otherwise, they might be overwhelmed. Especially by assigned reading. Can you relate?

Do you like to flip through a book from back to front to see if there are any pictures or diagrams? You’re using one of your innate strengths when you do. Nonlinear thinkers have strong visual talents – often thinking in 3D models. They can envision the future, mentally create other worlds and often daydream. Is it any wonder that they can be bored with reading a lot of words that don’t spark their imagination or challenge their thinking? Such an assignment can seem daunting.

Emotion plays a larger part in a nonlinear thinker’s life than they might realize. If they are not emotionally energized by the activity, they do not feel connected and often procrastinate to avoid doing it. If work or school assignments require a lot of reading that don’t pull in the nonlinear thinker, they will find other more interesting and stimulating activities to participate in. Then comes the guilt of not having completed the required reading and the project grows larger in their mind.

Once a nonlinear thinker understands this, they can tackle the reading by starting with the text that is of the most interest to them. Then go to the beginning. In other words, start with dessert.