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Ever felt you were the only one thinking differently in your family, school class, work or social group? Is this because you’re curious, love a challenge, optimistic about deadlines, motivated by what interests you and frequently find you’re thinking ahead of others? You’re not alone; you’re part of an evolving group of original thinkers. You’re a nonlinear thinker (NL).

NLs start from multiple inputs, see things from different perspectives and form connections and logical links. This differs from linear thinking that starts from one point and sequentially connects to the next point in an a-b-c order.

Our Community is a gathering place for NLs to see what’s going on. Learn more about your nonlinear thinking processes. Find out how NLs have changed the lives in their community or revolutionized an industry. Check out some of the recommended websites. We’d love to see examples of your own nonlinear creativity for possibly sharing with Our Community.

Recognize Your Nonlinear Thinking Talents?

Non-linear Thinking TalentsDo you think differently from other people? Laugh at cartoons they don’t get? Want the big picture before jumping into a new project or adventure? Are you forward thinking? Think visually, often using a whiteboard, your pad or smartphone? Welcome to the world of nonlinear thinkers!

NLs are a small community; however, that community has made major breakthroughs in science like sequencing and mapping genomes; contributed significantly to technology such as getting humans off the ground and then to the moon; and revolutionized communications – do you have a folding smartphone yet?

Make your gray matter matter – leverage the strength of your nonlinear thinking talents.

Nonlinear Thinking at Play

Nonlinear Thinking at PlayVideo

Check out the Rube Goldberg technique to Pass the Salt

Rube Goldberg was a true NL - engineer, sculptor, inventor, author and cartoonist. In his cartoons, he used gadgets to accomplish basic tasks in convoluted chain-reaction ways. Kinetic artist Joseph Herscher leverages his own nonlinear thinking to design a creative chain-reaction process to carry out a fairly linear way to “Pass the Salt”.

Nonlinear Thinking at Work

DesignNonlinear Thinking at Work

Furniture that mimics nature

Award winning furniture designer Robert van Embricqs is curious about plants, bone structure and movement which inspire creations that mimic nature. His furniture is designed from a single piece of bamboo and rises to a piece that combines functionality and aesthetics. His “rising chair” resembles an unfolding blossom.

HistoryNonlinear Thinking at Work

NL Tale – Warp drive

This tale of what inspired Wilbur Wright’s discovery that would get an airplane off the ground is a perfect example of the leaps that are made through associative nonlinear thinking. He linked information about the characteristics of a common unrelated item - that we now often find on our doorstep - with the answer to controlled flight.

From Our Community

DoodleOur Community

A doodle is worth a thousand words

How do NLs plan a trip? Often with a doodle, especially if they are talking about the trip to someone. After all, a strength most NLs share is visual thinking. Forget a list. Can you tell what activities Ivor planned for this trip?

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